Coronavirus Pivot to Non-Personal Promotion

We’ve recently heard from clients who are wanting to make a Coronavirus Pivot by divesting in marketing live KOL events and in-person drug sales in the wake of COVID-19. Many are choosing to shift personal promotion advertising dollars into digital media to capture these HCPs as they move online. We want to make you aware of how Silverlight Digital is positioned to help.

Come to us with your creative, monthly budget of $50,000+, and clear expectations. With this, we’ll get to work analyzing your campaign goals and seamlessly migrate your campaign online. Through this consultation, you can expect the same high level of quality that our AOR clients receive and take advantage of our in-house Trading Desk and audience targeting capabilities.

Programmatic Trading Desk includes:
» KOL Video extension – through Trading Desk and HCP publishing partners
» Access to buying media through PMP (Private Marketplace)
» Access to HCP and patient data providers
» Cross-channel, device targeting
» Contextually target content via strong keyword performance
» Data partner integration to reach specific types of HCP’s and patients

Before delaying projects or extending deadlines, please talk to us about how we can help adapt your goals and campaigns online.

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