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Our Media Planning and Account Management teams are fully integrated in the strategy, execution, and optimization process. Because we are an independent agency and not a large holding company, we easily communicate between teams, leverage insights across all of our campaigns, and pivot our strategy with ease to ensure your media investment is performing at its peak. Our agility ensures that we are taking advantage of the highest performing tactics, technology, and partners at any given time. Further, our test-and-learn approach provides the opportunity to try new partners or additional media types without straining your resources or our team.

A strategic omnichannel approach requires your media agency provide planning and buying across a wide variety of media and messaging channels. Silverlight Digital plans and manages all digital and traditional media types including:

  • Programmatic Display (in-house Trading Desk)
  • Connected TV (CTV)
  • Programmatic CTV
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Social
  • Online Video (YouTube)
  • Publisher-Direct/Custom Programs
  • Out-of-Home and Point-of-Care
  • Telehealth
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Radio/Streaming Audio
  • Email
  • Print
Boost Your Brand

Partnering with us

Come to us with your goals, a budget, and clear expectations. We’ll analyze your campaign goals and recommend data, technology and creative partners (if needed) that can seamlessly integrate into your campaign. You’ll benefit from our in-house Trading Desk, audience targeting capabilities, a complete suite of analytics, and the customer service that made us an MM&M Top 100 Agency.

Real-time bidding

Our Trading Desk

Silverlight Digital’s in-house Trading Desk gives us access to a suite of data providers and a real-time bidding technology which enables us to provide you a variety of audience and targeting approaches with substantially lower rates than purchasing media directly from publishers. Auction-based pricing means that you will pay what the market will bear and not the publisher preferred CPMs.

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Display Advertising

One of the oldest digital ad formats remains popular for high-volume and low cost advertising in combination with a wide variety of strategic audience targeting. While Display is often best used to drive awareness (an eye-catching ad can stand out alongside content), Silverlight Digital will optimize to efficiency as well as clickthrough metrics and report back on how your display buy contributes to your conversion attribution.

Advertising on Search Engines

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) reaches consumers when they are searching. By showing up in relevant search results on Google or Bing your brand is able to reach an audience with high intent, looking for brands like you and the solutions you provide. It is highly relevant and measurable.
Our experienced team of SEM professionals is looking at your campaign performance each day to ensure even pacing and strong performance. Our proactive approach means you will frequently receive requests regarding new keywords or proposed changes we’d like to make to the campaign to improve conversion rates or lower CPCs.
Silverlight Digital is a Google “Premier” Partner. Premier Partners are in the top 3% of participating agencies, with demonstrated skill and expertise, who have met Google’s spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown their client base.

Social Media Advertising

Your options for paid social advertising have exploded in the last ten years with a variety of social networks, ad types, and targeting tools. While Facebook was once the dominant social media destinaton, the diversity of the social landscape means that you can use a varity of approaches and ad messages to reach your varied audience.
The Silverlight Digital Social Media team will work with the media brief you provide to plan and execute a smart social media solution which could reach patients on Instagram and doctors on Doximity. You might wish to promote your student loan solutions on TikTok but your mortgage calculator on LinkedIn. We can help educate your teams on the various options and optimize your media investment to your goals.

Video/Connected TV

As the options for streaming services grow (Apple TV, Max, DisneyPlus, Netflix, Prime, etc.), so do the possibilities for advertisers to use connected TV (CTV) to reach their preferred audience. CTV combines the power of tv storytelling with targeted digital impact. You will get a reach approaching that of linear TV with the efficency of digital.
Our omnichannel media plan will likely include CTV if you have a great ad ready to go. The awareness-driving capability of this channel is becoming a cornerstone of any integrated marketing campaign.
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Streaming Audio Advertising

Streaming audio includes music, radio, and podcasts, and your ad opportunities range from host-read text to pre-recorded traditional spots (with or without accompanying display ads).
The power of audio advertising lies in its targeting capabilities and scale. Spotify boasts 515 million users and 210 million premium subscribers; while podcasting has reached the highest numbers ever with 90 million Americans being weekly podcast listeners as of March 2023.
There’s never been a better time to test audio, and Silverlight Digital can put a plan together to make that test worthwhile.

Efficient media buying

By having our own in-house Trading Desk we are able to tap into an enormous amount of data that we use to buy media programmatically on your behalf. In addition to having access to thousands of audience data segments, we can incorporate your own first-party data into our data management platform. Our Trading Desk gives us access to Real-Time Bidding technology enabling us to provide you with substantially lower rates than booking media directly from publishers.
The Silverlight Digital Trading Desk has immediate access to tens of thousands of websites in the U.S. and abroad. Another huge advantage to having our own Trading Desk is the ability to retarget visitors to your website who do not convert initially, thus enabling you to reengage them. Attribution data shows this strategy improves the volume of engaged visits.

Audience Segmentation:

Silverlight Digital’s in-house Trading Desk provides direct access to exclusive inventory, targeting segments, and data sources.

Cost savings:

By having a seat at the trading desk, we eliminate the middleman costs of buying media programmatically, and we pass the savings on to you.

Media options:

In addition to display, the Silverlight Digital Trading Desk can target your audience with video ads, CTV, or native ads.


Private Marketplace (PMP)

We work with key direct sites to secure premium inventory without the commitment of a traditional buy. For example: a client wanted to target men aged 45-65 with direct buys across major sports, news and entertainment sites like ESPN, Bleacher Report, CNN, and the Travel Channel. Due to limited budgets and high direct-buy minimums, we used our Trading Desk to make a PMP deal, which provided premium inventory across thousands of sites and allows for full management control across the plan.

A Google Premier Partner

As a Premier Google Partner, Silverlight Digital receives tier one support. We can escalate account-level needs and act as an advocate for our clients within Google’s organization. Silverlight Digital maximizes our Google Premier partnership across all Google platforms. Silverlight has a dedicated team of Google specialists that work with us directly to ensure that we can leverage the most updated technology, bidding strategies, and beta tests. They will serve as our guides as Google begins to incorporate AI into all of its offerings in what Google is calling search generative experiences. We will pass that knowledge on to you.

Clients receive passthrough benefits from our Google partnership, including:

    • Quick issue resolution from Google’s leadership
    • Competitive data and intelligence
    • Comfort knowing our team has training required by Google
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