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Our Client Success Promise

Client Success
Our Promise

What is Client Success?

At Silverlight Digital (SLD), we define client success as a partnership where our clients thrive in achieving their brand objectives and campaign goals. Here’s what it means to be a successful Silverlight Digital client:

Understanding & Alignment

SLD team will offer deep brand understanding: SLD team members will invest the time to truly understand your brand, it’s differentiation points, and competitive landscape. 

SLD will be approachable and available media experts: Clients can ask questions and discuss media strategies or optimization choices.

Expertise & Knowledge

Clients know the team: You’ll never have to guess who to reach out to or who is managing your campaigns. 

Clients receive transparent communication: Understand the strategies and tactics employed by SLD to achieve your goals.

Innovation & Proactivity

Expect continuous innovation: Regularly receive innovative ideas for testing, optimization, and expansion from your SLD team.

Excellent responsiveness: Experience quick response times and actions on any requests or inquiries.

Clarity & Support

Each client has a dedicated account manager: The main point of contact for you to go to with questions and easily reach them.

Alignment on defined responsibilities: Understand your own deliverables and contributions to any launch or revision process.

Education & Empowerment

We’ll share industry best practices, news, and updates: You and your internal teams will receive pertinent digital media overviews, training, and publisher/partner updates as needed.

Get timely reporting: Review timely and easily understandable media reporting, with an accompanying of analysis of performance trends. Financial reporting and invoicing are equally accurate and clear. 

Engagement & Partnership

Clients feel heard: We practice active listening so you feel heard and know your feedback is valued.

SLD is an extension of your team: Meet with your SLD team with a regular cadence in person or via video calls.

Results & Trust

Campaign performance excellence: Look good in front of your superiors and wider marketing team based on the digital media performance.

Trusted partners: Be impressed by campaign performance and general service levels from SLD, whom you see as trusted advisors.

We are committed to your success and strive to deliver exceptional service, expertise, and support at every step of your digital journey. Your success is our success.

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