Our Top 5 Takeaways from the Pharma CX Summit


Last month, Silverlight Digital’s CEO, Lori Goldberg had the opportunity to attend and participate at the Pharma CX Summit in Princeton, NJ with many large and small pharmaceutical brands in attendance. It was two days full of content and insights from key leaders in the industry. Here are our top five takeaways.

Top Five Takeaways from Pharma CX Summit

  1. HCPs and patients are both people at the end of the day and understanding what a great customer experience is for them will dictate your brand’s success.
  2. The Pharma industry needs to be unwilling to postpone what is possible. Most pharma brands are about a decade behind the curve on data and advertising capabilities. What will you do to catch up?
  3. The year of mobile is here to stay and having an omnichannel media approach is key for pharma brand marketers. HCPs and patients spend hours on their mobile devices, across a variety of platforms, and want to have the ease of finding content and information they need on their own terms. 
  4. If content is always king, the queen is data. As brands wrestle with cookies going away, figuring out how to harness 1st party data is of utmost importance.
  5. The channels you own are the biggest opportunity for success with UX because these properties are where you have total control. Make sure your website, mobile site, content, and social channels are all working for you, not against you.

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