Silverlight Digital exceeds campaign goals with successful omnichannel media plan for brand novel delivery of a generic (Levetiracetam)

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omnichannel media plan for a launch Spritam

About Prasco and the Spritam Brand

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Since 2002 Prasco has been an industry leader in Authorized Generics. Simply put, an Authorized Generic (AG) is the brand product sold in private label packaging at a generic price. Because an AG is identical to the brand in every way, doctors, pharmacists, and patients can be confident that it is as reliable, safe, and as effective as the brand. Prasco’s Authorized Generic is the brand®.

SPRITAM is an oral prescription, flash-dispersing medication that is approved for the treatment of certain types of epileptic seizures. There are many types of epilepsy treatments. However, SPRITAM is the first and only medicine made using 3D printing. 

Planning a campaign for a drug that is already available as a generic has its challenges. Levetiracetam has been around for a long time and many healthcare providers (HCPs) are already accustomed to writing the generic script for their patients. Holding an HCP’s attention long enough to explain what is so great about “this form” of levetiracetam, that could be more difficult to get approved by a patient’s insurance or managed care organization, and cost way more than the generic, while it does the same thing as what they are already prescribing, can be difficult. So, how do we get doctors to see there’s a need that SPRITAM can meet. There’s a new way for their patients, who may not want to take medicine or have a hard time swallowing pills to take it. It’s a tablet for oral suspension that quickly dissolves and is easy for kids to take.

Campaign Objective: Get through the noise, raise awareness of this modern technology, so it can meet the needs of the patient, AND get HCPs on board.

The Goal: We wanted them to ask for Spritam at their next doctor’s visit. We want parents to know there is at least one medication that does not have to be a struggle to get their child to take.

How do we get patients to ask? We show up on the internet. We advertise with a focus on the patient, so they know Spritam exists, and this inherently encourages them to request this specific form of levetiracetam from their care providers.

Our Strategic Approach: Develop an omnichannel plan for the launch of brand novel delivery method, SPRITAM, focused on reaching key patients and caregivers with good frequency. 

Once we have a deep understanding of our audience, we know what media channels they actively consume, and their patterns of usage across devices and time of day. Then we can tailor a multi-touch media campaign to promote the right message, on the right channel, at the right time and drive our audience to action.

For example, Sally has a daughter who is 10 and needs to take levetiracetam daily to prevent seizures.  What we know about Sally: She wakes up early to go for her morning jog, where she listens to music on an app. Then she hurries back home to get the kids ready where she reaches for her phone to check the weather. Later in the morning, she has a moment of free time, and she opens social media and scrolls for a couple minutes. It is family tv time after dinner where they are watching an episode of Survivor on streaming tv. Then, as the evening winds down she is thinking back to the tough time she had getting her daughter to take her medication that morning, so she searches “easy to take epilepsy med” on her mobile device.

In addition, Spritam shows up in places where others may interact with the brand, in a top of mind setting like the doctor’s office or point of care. At check-in, Paul who is taking his 6-year-old son, signs in on a tablet. Then while they are waiting, they watch the tv in the room playing informational videos in-between snippets of PBS. In both these places, Paul sees the Spritam commercial and an ad that shows a smiling child with his dad and asks the neurologist about it.

Campaign Results:

The campaign exceeded click projections by 213% in its first six months of launch. With tactics across the marketing funnel to raise awareness, drive consideration, promote intent and get the audience to convert, the results were surprising. Channels we typically expect to drive awareness were able to be optimized to drive traffic and even conversions! Clickthrough rate increased 200% month over month.

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