Looking back at Pulse 2020 in pictures

Looking back at Pulse 2020, we remain delighted that so many digital healthcare and pharma marketers could share their valuable time with us. To bookend this fifth edition of our annual event, we’ve added a collection of speaker videos and photos to our website – ideal for those that couldn’t make it or for attendees who want to share or reflect on the event. Find the complete set of videos on the “Video” page of our website or select a video below:

“Is there a doctor in the house?”
How are doctors responding to online advertising? In this panel discussion from Pulse ’20, doctors share their thoughts on mobile marketing, patients’ use of “Dr. Google”, the role of search engines in rare disease diagnoses, the popularity of medical apps, and more.

“Health as Wellness” Presented by Sofie Holt, Google
With easier and faster access to information, consumers are seeking multiple opinions and options in the matter of their health. At the same time, a new generation of DTC health startups are reimagining what healthcare could look like. The overall opportunity is to become part of people’s health journeys by understanding that health and wellness are inseparable in consumers’ minds.

“Many Ways to Measure Success” with Digital Advertising
Silverlight Digital’s Director of Strategy, Peter Niemi reveals how a new approach to campaign analytics can reveal surprising results and where breaking the rules may pay off in the end.

“Conquering Conquesting”
Bidding on your Competitor’s Brand Names in Paid Search advertising (known as conquesting to SEM managers) is a widely-used practice in Pharma and Healthcare advertising. This also requires the advertiser to invest heavily in SEM ads for its own brand terms so that a competitor does not win the coveted top slot on the search results page for your own brand. This presentation would discuss strategies for balancing brand searches, competitor searches, and searches on the indication/disease state itself, while working to build your brand and grow its use. We will cover the importance of competitor tracking and making smart choices.

“YouTube Channel Strategy for Pharma”
Google’s Cesar Cocco hosts this presentation on how pharmaceutical marketers can properly leverage a YouTube Channel strategy to optimize video content for patients and healthcare professionals.

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