Gearing up for New York Times Travel Show

320483_10151305632431457_1858333852_nAs we gear up for The New York Times Travel Show (January 23rd -25th at Javits) we want to share with you some new travel data from our friends at Expedia Media Solutions (Expedia’s Ad Sales unit):

• The fastest growth will come from social and video commercial channels.
• In 2013, the number of travelers who used online video for planning increased 10 percent.

True? We think so. Who hasn’t crawled YouTube for travel videos when planning a vacation? From corporate hotel tour videos to traveler’s personal GoPro travel diaries, these videos serve travelers curiosities far better than often-deceptive hotel brochures. Of course, the opportunity for contextual ads (video ads running before the video or as a text link during the video) is very dialed-in based on video subject matter.

• Social and video ad budgets will nearly triple between 2011 and 2014, accounting for 18 percent of all digital dollars.
• 46 percent of ad buyers find social extremely or very effective for generating brand awareness.

The accessibility and audience for video (particularly mobile video) and social support the budget growth. Content is high quality and context is spot on, as users tell advertisers what they are interested in by whom they follow, like, and search for.

• 84 percent of travel advertisers are currently using or experimenting with Facebook page photos or link photos.

In our experience, we believe this is true.

• 68 percent of travel advertisers say Facebook ads are at least moderately effective, while 53 percent rank Foursquare as the least effective form of social advertising.

It doesn’t make sense for Foursquare to be in the conversation here: they’re local search for restaurant and retail (going head to head with Yelp since early last year) and have moved away from the check-in novelty of year’s past.

• In the coming year, 30 percent of advertisers plan to experiment or adopt Twitter‘s lead-generation cards, while 28 percent will look to Google Plus or Pinterest.
• 33 percent of advertisers are currently using targeting or retargeting technologies, while 12 percent of advertisers are currently experimenting with these methods.

For some more great travel stats for digital advertisers, check out’s very thorough compilation of statistics for the Tours & Activities Sector.

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