Reaching Shoppers


Digital media strategy that helps your advertising reach retail and eCommerce customers

Omnichannel consumers use a variety of channels and devices to access information about products and services in their everyday lives. They expect local retailers to act similarly in their marketing and be everywhere that consumers are seeking them out, including social media, mobile maps, review sites like Yelp, directories, search engines, and in mobile apps.

Retail advertisers must have a deeper understanding of their customers to deliver the most relevant, timely, and optimized sales messages.

Data-driven marketing strategies that leverage a mix of eCommerce plus retail store locations are able to make more informed decisions in their digital marketing and develop ways to connect and engage with the consumer in-store and online.


Campaign Management

Come to us with your goals, a budget, and clear expectations. Your campaign will benefit from the cost-saving access to our in-house trading desk and our strategic audience targeting capabilities, the white-glove support provided by our Google Premier Partnership, our complete suite of analytics, and the customer service that made us a top retail agency. With this, we’ll develop your campaign with speed-to-market in mind.

Recommended Media Mix to drive sales

Our planning team works with our clients to understand marketing goals and business factors that aid in developing an effective media mix strategy. The agency’s capabilities support an omnichannel media strategy, including SEM, display, video, out-of-home, streaming audio, print, specialty journal publishers, social media, and more.

We find the best media mix to lower Customer Acquisition Costs and spend every dollar as if it’s our own.

Targeting your audience: Shoppers

Using first- and/or third-party data, Silverlight can target your ideal shopper who would be interested in learning more about your brand, location, or latest sale. Using the best data providers and search triggers, Silverlight will find the right audiences, deliver relevant messages, and measure results — optimizing to the highest return on ad spend, largest cart size, or highest average order value possible while keeping an eye on the lifetime value of your customer.

Media Mix

Using the right media mix to reach in-market audiences

Our Media Planning and Account Management teams are all fully integrated to target your desired audience. We make advertising media recommendations designed to deliver your advertising message in the most efficient, cost-effective, and measurable method possible. This approach includes assistive technologies such as our programmatic trading desk, artificial intelligence, and an industry-leading tech stack.

Search Engine Marketing

Advertise on popular search engines using keywords that are relevant to your brand (or your competitors’ brands). We will provide best-in-class paid search messaging that allows your ad to stand out, and optimize your campaign based on agreed-upon KPIs.

Programmatic Display

Our in-house Trading Desk allows us to place your display ad in front of the most relevant audience no matter where they are and continuously optimize those placements.

Video Advertising

Pre-roll ads allow you reach your audience on YouTube and across the internet. We promote the use of companion banners which can turn this awareness-raising tactic into a traffic driver.

Social Media

Social Media ads drive awareness to a large but targeted audience who visits their social sites up to 10x/day. Your ads here can promote site actions for learning more about your product or service.

Connected TV

Reach your target audience with streaming video ads. CTV ads can provide reach comparable with Linear TV but at a much more efficient level.

Streaming Audio

Engage your audience through digital music and podcast streaming and leverage third-party data for precision targeting; sponsor specific podcasts to build awareness of your brand.


Traditional print ads in magazines and journals still provide enormous reach and an audience who read longer-form content.

Out of Home

Advertising to your target audience as they commute to the office or move throughout their community can raise awareness of your local service or product and drives in-store visits.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content can be featured online and integrated to match non-ad or journalistic content. It can include blog posts, brand images, and video — whose production is funded by a advertiser.

Our approach

Strategic campaign management

Strategic Media Placement

Our Trading Desk


Managing Costs

Analytics & Reporting

Silverlight Digital takes advantage of all types of media placements to make sure we are getting your message in front of your target audience from contextually targeted display ads to audience-based social ads to customized placements created just for you. In addition, Silverlight Digital can recommend tailored placements based on the audience’s demographics, online behavior, or location and use tools to retarget people who have shown interest by visiting a site.

The Silverlight Digital Trading Desk is able to tap into an enormous amount of data for buying media programmatically and targeting any number of the data segments that are available to us. We can also incorporate your first-party data for maximum effectiveness.

Silverlight Digital utilizes Double Click Campaign Manager, Media Math, and Google Analytics to track performance. All three are in-house and not outsourced as a managed service. We collaborate with our client and all stakeholders to determine goals and objectives as well as priorities. This is a critical step in the process to align on measuring success and what we are ultimately optimizing towards. We track time spent on site, what content they are viewing, how long they are engaged with your content and what actions they took. Ultimately, we want to map this back to sin-store and online sales. We are relentless about optimization and spend every dollar as if it’s our own.

We are relentless about lowering Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs) and spend every dollar as if it’s our own. To succeed at this, we set aggressive benchmarks and performance metrics to drive trends upwards, use data-driven insights to align targeting data and messaging, constantly optimize campaigns against data collected, and regularly report with accompanying analysis.

This ensures that we take advantage of the highest-performing tactics, technology, and partners at any time. 

We strive to provide a detailed strategic analysis to explain the “why” behind the data, identifying performance trends and proposing integrated changes to the media mix with an eye on reaching overall client goals. We will explain ongoing optimization activity, offering tests based on data-informed hypotheses. Data is analyzed at the click level, but the quality of creative performance and post-click activity is also considered.

With complete transparency, data is shared by specific publisher placements and providers (audience and contextual) through our Trading Desk.

Reporting is provided every month. Reports include KPI goals (drive site traffic or online purchases) or other primary and secondary KPI actions and a break-out of how each placement delivers against goals.


Data-enhanced target capabilities


Contextual targeting is a method of personalized advertising that enables your ads to appear on Websites or alongside content that is relevant to the interests of your audience.

CRM/First Party DTC List

We can target custom audiences using first-party CRM data that is imported into ad platforms. Ads will target CRM contacts on the Web and in social media.

Retargeting site visitors

Ad campaign targets a behavioral audience who has already visited your website. The campaign shows a visual reminder ad to encourage repeat visits to the site.

Look-a-like Modeling

A behavioral audience is created that identifies users who behave online in a similar manner to your target audience. These look-a-likes audiences are targeted with the campaign.

Condition targeting

We combine multiple data factors by building a target set of users likely to be match the conditions related to your target consumer audience. The campaign targets this audience.

Mobile targeting

We target users by mobile device type, location of their mobile device, and proximity of the device to a service location, event, or geographic location.

Don Rowley, CTO Sleepy's

“Silverlight Digital is the most strategic and analytical company we have worked with."

“I could not have asked for a better agency that understand my business” 

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