Pharma’s Top 3 Advantages of CTV Advertising

CTV Advertising

According to MediaPost, 98% of US households were reachable on Connected TV (CTV) by the end of 2022. PharmaVoice suggests there’s no denying that streaming has become a pervasive part of culture and consumption in the past decade. It will no doubt become one of the strongest avenues of advertising for the pharma industry. Despite widespread adoption of CTV advertising throughout the pharma industry, it remains a relatively small part of the average pharma advertiser’s portfolio. While linear television has fallen in the ranks of advertising channels, as more companies come to understand that streaming can reach audiences that traditional broadcast used to hit at a lower premium.

Adults 50+ now account for 39% of the overall streaming watch time.

The highly important age 50+ pharma demographic is increasingly moving over to streaming, with 4/5ths of adults over 50 participating in some form of streaming.

Pharma Advertising’s Top 3 Advantages of Streaming:

  1. Customizability of the streaming experience for consumers
  2. Creative can be more specific to the user
  3. Pharma companies can reach more precise audiences wherever they are

CTV and streaming services are the future of targeted pharma advertising, which is why it’s so important that your pharma company and your digital media agency understand its importance and invest in it. Our clients have seen recent wins in the CTV space. Interested in hearing more? We can help you take your CTV advertising to the next level.

About Lori Goldberg, founder and CEO of Silverlight Digital, with 30+ years of experience in advertising for a wide spectrum of brands, from the pharmaceutical industry including LEO Pharma, Mallinckrodt and Radius, to retail, e-commerce, travel, and automotive industries with brands such as Microsoft, Capital One, Nikon, Polo Ralph Lauren, The Travel Channel and Morgan Stanley. 

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