Silverlight Digital named an MM&M 100 Agency for 5th consecutive year

Citing a revenue jump of 22% to $13.1 million in 2020, Silverlight Digital is proud to have been recognized by MM&M Magazine among its list of top healthcare and pharmaceutical agencies. MM+M, first published in 1966 as Medical Marketing + Media, is the media brand of record for pharmaceutical marketing and commercialization, delivering the most balanced and relevant coverage of its subject matter.

Every agency relies on Google to a certain extent, but Silverlight Digital’s relationship with the tech behemoth — in the form of a Premier Partnership — is closer than most.

A recent example of its value came during work on a campaign for a gene therapy. “As soon as it launched on YouTube, it was shut down by YouTube’s legal team because the topic was ‘too controversial,’” recalls CEO Lori Goldberg. “Whaaat? We called our Google rep and they literally marched down the hall, talked to the right people and got the policy overturned. We were back up within a week.”

Silverlight has enjoyed the fruits of the partnership for five years now, with five dedicated Google associates at the agency’s immediate disposal and the option to host trade shows at Google’s offices. Given Silverlight’s focus on data and digital, it proved an especially good fit during a year when digital tactics reigned.

Even in the wake of cutbacks by Silverlight’s retail and travel clients (which comprise some 15% of the agency’s business), the company saw revenue jump 22% during 2020, to $13.1 million from $10.7 million in 2019. “Suddenly, our clients weren’t putting budgets into having sales reps talk to doctors, because nobody was in the office,” Goldberg says. “So a lot of those dollars went toward non-personal promotion, which is where we come in.”

“This year’s Agency 100 issue showcases the continued broadening of the agency world’s offerings — deeper into data, AI, user experience and more — as well as the ingenuity companies displayed in virtualizing their business amid the Covid-19 pandemic,” said MM+M GM and editor-in-chief Steve Madden. “You’ll see how agencies have moved to distinguish and differentiate themselves in a crowded landscape, producing great work under challenging circumstances. It’s an amazing and unprecedented time for the business.”

The Agency 100 is MM+M’s annual ranking of the industry’s top healthcare marketing firms, based on North American revenue. Information for the Agency 100 is compiled by MM+M from questionnaires submitted by the companies themselves.

The 2021 version of the Agency 100 contains a full profile of Silverlight Digital, including detailed information about revenue, staff size and client/brand engagements.

Read the entire profile in MM&M by clicking here.

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