A recap of Pulse ’18

I want to give a special thanks to my friends and colleagues in the healthcare and pharma community that came to Google NYC last week – some from as far away as California – to attend Silverlight Digital’s 3rd annual Pulse digital marketing event. What did we learn? Here’s a quick recap:

  • YouTube has changed the traditional story arc of online video in capturing and holding people’s attention. – Leland Candler, Head of Industry at Google
  • Finding rare disease patients may mean applying traditional conversion strategies; the critical difference is building a very broad top-of-funnel approach – and tolerate some waste during the filtering process. – David Sapinski, Account Director at Silverlight Digital
  • In looking at the role of the caregiver, we’re different people every time we search on the Internet. Where treatment decisions are made, marketers should care who you care about, not who you are. – Dr. Jon Roberts, Chief Innovation Officer at VeryWell
  • Challenger brands need to be disruptive and bold with their creative, as this inspires an equally bold media strategy. A strong identity makes the difference. – Meredith Hughes, Search and Social Media Director at Silverlight Digital
  • Because Google is often used privately and on mobile devices, it can be like truth serum – people have no incentive to lie to Google. People will tell Google things they don’t tell others and these data points become available through Google’s partnerships such, as with Silverlight Digital. – Cesar Cocco, Agency Development Manager at Google
  • Personalization is key, which means finding campaign attributes that are specific to patients’ personal needs – based on data. – Tim O’Grady, SVP, Account Director at Concentric Health Experience
  • Simply promoting the attributes of the product may be irrelevant if you’re not addressing the referral pathways among doctors and specialists and their individual business considerations. – Prodeep Bose, EVP, Growth & Innovation at The Bloc
  • New voice assistants will fundamentally change how we interact and engage with patients, particularly with patient groups such as the elderly, where apps and hands-on devices have proven difficult. – Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer – Health & Wellness at Ogilvy

Lori Goldberg
CEO, Silverlight Digital

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