When the Internet Attacks

UnknownSilverlight Digital CEO, Lori Goldberg writes for Econsultancy.
In the angry aftermath of Amazon’s big Prime Day sales event, the internet’s support of the ecommerce giant turned from #PrimeDay to #PrimeDayFail.

Consumers felt disappointed as Amazon’s big ticket electronics sold out quickly and late-to-the-table shoppers were offered garage sale leftovers such as discounted Pop Tarts, an assortment of granny panties, and sliced ham.

Amazon’s intentions were good and they sold a lot of hot merchandise early in the day, such as big screen TVs.

So why did the internet attack this otherwise beloved company with lofty plans to drone new products to our eager doorsteps?

Why did the internet attack the company who’s innovative leader Jeff Bezos was named ‘Best Performing CEO in the World’ by the Harvard Business Review?

Why did the internet attack the company that has made our lives so much easier in so many innovative ways?

Because its fun.

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