What Brand Marketers can Learn from the Olympics

iMedia Connection - Silverlight Digital CEO Lori GoldbergSilverlight Digital’s CEO Lori Goldberg writes for iMedia Connection

With this summer’s Olympics closed, we’ve watched records be set and broken, new talent emerge, and of course names like “Simone” brought into our living rooms. And like every Olympic year, we’ve seen advertisers and brands clamoring for a chance to display innovation and strategic thinking in the faces of billions of viewers from around the world.

Brand marketers stand to learn important new strategies from advertisers at the Olympics, and here are a few of my favorites. The following examples showcase brand marketers using each digital medium at its finest to get their messages across and create meaningful connections with their audiences.

Drive engagement with Dove’s “My Beauty My Say”
In the past several years we’ve seen brands like Always (Like a Girl), Hello Flo (First Moon Party), and Bud Light (Equal Pay) challenging gender stereotypes in their advertising.

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