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Championing Challenger Brands in the Medical Marketing & Media Landscape

Challenger Brands

Silverlight Digital, known for its unwavering dedication to digital media, is celebrating another year as a featured front runner in the medical marketing industry on the 2024 MM+M Agency 100. However, in recent years, another distinguishing factor has emerged as a driving force behind our company’s growth: our commitment to working with challenger brands—the Davids instead of the Goliaths.

Especially within the rare disease space, we have embraced the opportunity to collaborate with challenger brands who may not boast massive budgets in relation to their competitors. Despite this, our agency recognizes the critical importance of getting educational content in front of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and introducing brands to patients in innovative ways.

“We must allocate every media dollar judiciously so that we make the best use of our client’s budget, and focus on the KPIs that make sense. Our competition might have hundreds of millions of dollars in TV ad buys and we may only have a fraction of that. Luckily, we have our own in-house trading desk and traders who specialize in healthcare, so our clients benefit from the savings and precise targeting it provides and enjoy the advantage of regularly meeting with those directly managing their programmatic media.”

– Lori Goldberg, CEO, Silverlight Digital

Despite the challenges, Silverlight’s growth trajectory remains impressive. In 2023, revenue surged to $29.9 million, marking a significant 6% increase from the previous year.

This growth was fueled by assignments from both existing clients and newcomers.

One of this year’s highlights was our involvement and work with Aspirant and Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh on the launch of the US version of the Bright Sky app. It provides education and resources to domestic/intimate partner violence victims. The team’s media activation (a strategic combination of YouTube, Paid Social, Display, and Paid Search) surpassed the client’s goal of delivering 100,000 users, showcasing our commitment to impactful campaigns.

We continue our commitment to client success with the promotion of Ruth Nightengale to the role of SVP, Client Success. This underscores the agency’s dedication to delivering exceptional client service by focusing on the small yet crucial details while providing responsive and clear communication. With over 80% of Silverlight’s work stemming from referrals, our client-first mindset is deeply ingrained in every member of the team.

“A lot of times, when a client moves on to their next role, they take us with them which is the greatest testament and compliment we can receive.”

– Lori Goldberg, CEO, Silverlight Digital

Despite the challenges posed by the evolving media landscape, Silverlight has managed to navigate these changes without resorting to painful cuts. While the industry may have experienced turbulence, Silverlight remains steadfast in its commitment to growth and innovation, ensuring that it continues to deliver exceptional results for its clients.

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